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Lose "Hustle Culture"; Embrace the Spark

How ASOM Marketing ignites your solopreneur fire as a small business marketing consultant you can trust.

You built your dream from the ground up. No corner office, no boardroom, just you, your vision, and a whole lotta heart. But somewhere between "lightbulb moment" and "sold-out launch," the fire got a little dimmer. Marketing feels like a tangled jungle, social media a bottomless to-do list, and you're drowning in a sea of "shoulds."

I hear you. I was there, too! A one-woman show, juggling invoices and Instagram stories, wondering if I was making the right choices in a world that screams "do more, do faster, do everything." But guess what? You don't have to wear all the hats. You don't have to chase every shiny marketing tactic. You just need a spark to reignite your passion, a guide to navigate the noise, and a friend who gets it.

That's where ASOM Marketing comes in. We're not your typical suit-and-spreadsheet marketing agency. We're your cheerleader, your confidante, your marketing mentor BFF. We believe in authentic marketing, the kind that tells your story, showcases your soul, and attracts customers who vibe with your unique magic.

Forget the "hustle." We're about igniting your spark.

  • Feeling overwhelmed by social media? We'll handle it, from crafting captivating captions to scheduling posts that work for your life, not the other way around.
  • Need a marketing roadmap without the headache? We'll create a customized strategic plan that fits your budget, your goals, and your "no-nonsense" attitude.
  • Worried you're missing something? We've got your back. We'll curate the best resources, tools, and tips, so you don't have to waste time sifting through endless options.

No jargon, no pressure, just real results. We'll help you increase sales without adding hours to your plate, boost your online presence without sacrificing your sanity, and most importantly, get back to doing what you love.

Because you, my friend, are more than just a business owner. You're a dreamer, a creator, a force of nature. Let ASOM Marketing be the wind beneath your wings, the fuel to your fire.

Book a Free Call

Ready to ignite (or re-ignite!) your solopreneur spark? Book a free call with our owner, Noel Giger, today. We'll chat about your vision, your challenges, and how we can help you build a business that shines as brightly as you do.

Remember, you don't have to go it alone. Let's rewrite your marketing story, together.

P.S. We're not just talking the talk...

We've helped countless entrepreneurs and small business owners just like you develop their brands, increase awareness, build a strong social media presence, connect with their ideal customers. and achieve their goals. If you'd like to speak with a satisfied marketing partner, just ask! 

Listen, We get it! We've all been there, stuck in the weeds, wondering if we're spraying seeds on concrete or nurturing a blooming business.

But here's the good news: marketing doesn't have to be a mystery. At ASOM Marketing, we believe in burying the marketing-speak and embracing the spark of your vision. We're not about throwing a bunch of fancy terms at you and hoping they stick. We're about planting the seeds that grow your dream.

Think of it like this:

  • First, we build your garden. We help you find your voice, craft your brand story, and CREATE a website that's as unique as you are. This is your foundation, your fertile soil where your business can blossom.
  • Next, we nourish your plants. We work with you to OPTIMIZE your marketing channels, analyze what's working (and what's not!), and set up automation so you can focus on what you love. Social media? We've got your back, with strategic posts that light up your audience and build a community that feels like family.
  • Finally, we watch your garden bloom. As your business grows, we're here to guide you toward expansion and SCALE. Public relations? Influencer partnerships? We'll help you navigate the jungle and make sure every step you take is data-driven, so your marketing budget sings its sweet praises.

Remember, you're not just a business owner, you're a storyteller, a creator, a force of nature. And ASOM Marketing is here to be your cheerleader, your confidante, your gardening buddy. We'll help you turn your vision into a vibrant reality, one step at a time.

So, ready to cut through the weeds and let your business bloom? Book a free call with us today. We'll chat about your dreams, your soil, and how we can help you grow a garden that's the envy of the entrepreneurial world.

Create your business marketing brand and website with ASOM Marketing


Build your garden

Branding That Tells Your Story

Forge a brand identity that captivates hearts and minds. We blend data-driven insights with the power of storytelling to craft your unique narrative, shape a compelling visual identity, and ensure consistent messaging across all channels. Let your brand take center stage.

Products That Are Irresistible

Uncover your customers' hidden desires and craft offerings they can't resist. We'll go beyond demographics, delving deep into motivations and pain points to shape campaigns that truly connect. We'll analyze your products and services through a customer lens, identifying potential upgrades and even uncovering new ideas to fuel your growth. And we'll refine your pricing and value proposition to ensure you resonate with your audience and maximize profitability. Let's turn customer insights into your secret sauce for success.

Websites That Work

Your digital haven awaits. We design responsive, lead-generating websites that not only impress your audience but also rise to the top of search results. We'll navigate the SEO landscape, safeguard your site with expert security, and ensure smooth operation every step of the way, so you can focus on what matters most: thriving online.

Content That Connects

Struggling for content inspiration? We've got your back. We'll brainstorm irresistible ideas aligned with your brand and audience, then help you build a content calendar and master tools like Canva and AI to create captivating content. We'll even guide you through choosing the perfect CMS and scheduling your content for maximum impact. Leave the content strategy to us, and you focus on the applause.

Emails That Convert

Conquer your inbox. Master the art of targeted email campaigns, from building segmented lists to crafting irresistible content and designing conversion-hungry landing pages. We'll help you automate lead nurturing, track performance, and unlock the door to brand awareness, lead generation, and explosive business growth. Let's make your emails magnets for success.

Optimize your business marketing, social media and website with ASOM Marketing


Nourish your plants


Transform your website into a lead-generating powerhouse. We'll craft high-converting landing pages that turn casual visitors into enthusiastic customers. Imagine sleek email automations smoothly guiding leads through your sales funnel, nurturing their interest, and building anticipation for your offerings. With our data-driven approach and strategic optimization, you'll watch your conversion rates soar and your business flourish.

Local Listings

Rise above the local noise! We'll optimize your Google My Business profile to become your neighborhood beacon, manage your listings across the web, and build powerful local links that make your business the first name on everyone's lips (and search engines). Get ready to dominate your local market and watch customers flock to your door. That's the major benefit of having a small business marketing consultant in your corner!

E-Commerce Marketplace

'Turn your online storefront into a bustling marketplace. We'll optimize your product listings to shine, craft targeted paid advertising campaigns that drive real buyers, and leverage the power of social media to ignite brand passion and boost conversions. Watch your e-commerce brand transform from hidden gem to household name with our tailored online marketing strategies.

Marketing Automation

Ditch the spreadsheets, embrace the flow. We'll weave your marketing magic with automation tools like Mailchimp and HubSpot, seamlessly integrating CRM systems to streamline workflows and unleash efficiency. Imagine automated lead nurturing, targeted campaigns, and a data-driven feedback loop that fuels your growth. It's time to work smarter, not harder, and watch your marketing efforts soar.

Social Media

Elevate your voice, ignite conversations, and build loyal followings. We craft captivating social media strategies that breathe life into your online presence. From platform optimization and engaging content to targeted advertising and insightful reporting, we'll amplify your brand voice, spark meaningful connections, and watch your audience flourish. Get ready to rule the social media roost!

Scale your business marketing with video, influencers, public relations and more


Watch your garden bloom
 With Video Content
Capture attention and tell your story in seconds. We craft compelling short-form video content, from scriptwriting and production to editing and campaign management. Let us unlock the power of video to engage your audience, boost brand awareness, and drive 
 Through Influencer Partnerships
Tap into the power of authentic voices. We'll connect you with the perfect influencers to amplify your brand message and engage your target audience. We'll craft data-driven campaigns that resonate, and track their impact to ensure success. Get ready to see your brand reach new heights, fueled by the genuine connections and trust influencers build.

Using Public Relations & Media Outreach

Elevate your voice and amplify your story. We craft newsworthy press releases and pitches that land your brand in coveted headlines. Witness the power of impactful media coverage as we secure mentions that build a positive reputation and foster lasting connections with your audience. Let us monitor the online landscape, ensuring your brand sentiment stays positive and your voice resonates far and wide.

With Data-Driven Insights

 Go beyond guesswork, unlock your growth potential. We'll map your customer journey, pinpoint conversion roadblocks, and optimize every step for seamless scaling. By studying your competitors and analyzing market gaps, we'll uncover hidden opportunities and carve out your unique niche. And through constant A/B testing and data-driven experimentation, we'll refine your approach, ensuring every decision drives continuous improvement and propels your business forward.

Through Innovation & Technology

Forget cookie-cutter campaigns, unleash your inner innovator! We'll craft interactive quizzes, AR/VR adventures, and captivating contests that make your audience shout "wow!" We harness the power of emerging tech, from AI-driven personalization to SMS marketing magic, to keep your brand cutting-edge. And we'll milk every ounce of your content, repurposing it across platforms for maximum reach and efficiency. Get ready to disrupt, engage, and grow like never before.

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