30 Minute Marketing Mentor Offer from ASOM Marketing. The image depicts a woman business owner researching marketing related topics and social media channels.
30 Minute Marketing Mentor Offer from ASOM Marketing. The image depicts a woman business owner relaxed and doing yoga with the message "get clarity"

30 Minutes of Brainstorming and Direction for Your Small Business!

Feeling a little lost on how to market your business? It's not your fault! There are so many competing voices and lots of bad advice for solo entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Give yourself a bit of peace of mind with a marketing mentor session, for free.

For a limited time, I'm offering a 30-minute marketing mentor session to help you clarify your brand, strategy, target market, channels to use, content pillars, a specific event, or another area of your business - for free, in exchange for permission to use related information (non-identifying unless you give permission) in my marketing, blog posts, social media, case studies, etc.

Prior to the call, I'll do a mini-audit of your online presence so I'm familiar with your products or services and already have some ideas to share. 

Space is limited, but a waiting list will be available, so sign up today!


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Some topics that previous customers have discussed in marketing mentor sessions include:

  • Ebay
  • CRM
  • Branding
  • Promotions
  • Strategy
  • Social Media
  • Photographs
  • Target Market
  • Advertising
  • Etsy
  • Videos
  • Blogging
  • Content
  • Events
  • Website
  • Conversion
  • Lead Generation

Small business owners and entrepreneurs face a myriad of choices when it comes to marketing their products and services. It can be overwhelming to determine the best branding strategy, approach the marketplace effectively, and attract the ideal customer. These pivotal marketing decisions can have a profound impact on client delivery and personal satisfaction within your business.

One of the common dilemmas is deciding whether to rely on advertising or leverage the power of social media and word of mouth. Both options have their merits, and the right choice depends on various factors such as budget, target audience, and marketing goals. A professional marketing mentor can provide valuable guidance in navigating this decision-making process.

Another challenge that arises is managing social media effectively. While some entrepreneurs prefer to handle their social media management independently, others recognize the benefits of hiring a professional marketing mentor to ensure a strategic and cohesive social media presence. Additionally, delegating tasks like setting up a content calendar to a virtual assistant can help streamline operations and free up time for other important business matters.

When it comes to creating engaging content, the question of whether to hire a professional photographer and content writer often arises. While professionals can undoubtedly elevate the quality of content, there are also DIY tools like Canva that can be utilized effectively. The choice depends on factors like budget, expertise, and the desired outcome.

Understanding Google Analytics is another crucial aspect of marketing. Analyzing website traffic and user behavior can provide valuable insights to optimize marketing strategies. Whether you choose to learn Google Analytics yourself or seek guidance from a marketing mentor, understanding this tool is essential for making informed decisions and driving business growth.

Small business owners and entrepreneurs face numerous marketing decisions that can significantly impact their success. Whether it's choosing the right branding strategy, navigating social media management, creating captivating content, or understanding analytics, seeking guidance from a professional marketing mentor can provide the expertise and support needed to make informed choices and achieve business objectives.